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Whole Tyre Reclaim Name Source
Product profile (Grades)
Microwave Cured EPDM Profile Reclaim
Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer holds a close relation to ethylene propylene rubber and has wide range of applications. It exhibits a fair compatibility with ketones, hot and cold water and is less compatible with kerosene, concentrated acids and halogenated solvents. It reflects outstanding property of ozone, heat and water resistance.

Sr. No. Document Download
7 SR EPDM Download Download

Chemical Properties
Ash% 15 Max.
Carbon Black % 24 Min.
Acetone Extract % 30 ± 5
RHC By Difference % 30 min.
Volatile Matter % 1 max.
Physical Properties Specific Gravity (gm/cc) 1.15 ± 0.03
Tensile Strength (Mpa) 6 min.
Elongation at Break % 375 min.
Mooney Viscosity ML (1+4) @100°C.
(at the time of manufacturing)
45 ± 15
Hardness (Shore A) 50 ± 10

Application Max PHP
Butyl Inner Tubes 30
Tyre Inner Liner 20
Adhesives 30
Cable Beading Compound 60
Sound Damper 50
Water Proofing Sheets 30
EPDM Based Channels & Extrude Products 25
Auto Tubes 10
EPDM Based Moulded Products 40